Vorig weekend is de QB van de senioren afgereisd naar Münster om te trainen bij het Playmakers Camp.


Dit is wat Thodd te zeggen had over het camp:

It was kind of awkward at first, when i signed up. People didn’t know the Scouts logo and I didn’t speak any German but when we started warming up we realized that it doesn’t matter where you are from, we are there to get better as players and that’s all that matters. 


During the first day I started to bond with another QB (Alex). We actually started a friendly rivalry at the position, whenever I made a play he wanted to make a better play and vice versa. I enjoyed myself out there and I learned a lot. Besides playing mostly QB I also took some reps on WR and I participated in blocking and tackling drills.


The Coaches helped me out a lot on my form and with certain drills i haven’t done before. I specifically learned a lot from the QB Coach (Coach Clifford), He saw every little fault I made and corrected me there and then. Which helped me out and at the end of the camp. My form felt a lot better and I personally felt like I was throwing more precise.

We asked Coach Clifford what he thought about Thodd’s performance at the Playmakers camp in Münster.

“He definitely has the size and he showed that he has got the athletic ability to become a good QB, I liked that he has good arm strength throwing the football. He just needs to work on his footwork, follow through and Hip rotation”


Coach Clifford

I Think as a rookie you can mostly benefit from these types of camps. Beside that we practiced we also did Film room sessions and went straight back out to practice and correct what we did wrong. This helped so much. You can see what you do wrong and correct it and don’t make that mistake anymore.



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